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    LinkingMed has cooperated deeply with many top hospitals in China to provide a safer and more efficient paper-less radiotherapy information and process management system.

    • Sichuan Cancer Hospital
    • Chinese PLA General Hospital
    • Peking University International Hospital
    • The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University
    • Affiliated Hospital of Jianghan University
    Sichuan Cancer Hospital

    In July 2016, LinkingMed undertook the OIS of the Radiation Oncology Department of the Sichuan Cancer Hospital to manage all radiotherapy patients in all clinical wards of the hospital, including inpatients, outpatients, and referred patients. In the clinical practice, we realized the automatic intelligent delineation of the head and neck organ-at-risk of the hospital, which greatly improved the work efficiency of the doctors.

    Chinese PLA General Hospital

    Beginning in 2018, LinkingMed helped the Radiation Oncology Department of PLA General Hospital to build a radiotherapy data platform. The platform system has been completed, and data are archived. Later, we will standardize the data and construct intelligent analysis systems.

    Peking University International Hospital

    In 2017, LinkingMed and the Peking University International Hospital Radiotherapy Center started to construct radiotherapy data center for pelvic patients. We have completed building the platform to manage the patient clinical data and radiotherapy image data, and hundreds of medical records have been successfully entered. At the same time, the intelligent delineation of pelvic organ-at-risk has been applied in clinical practice, and multiple demo models have been completed.

    The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

    Beginning in 2017, LinkingMed and the First Hospital Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University launched a scientific research project for the automatic target delineation of the chest target area. Now, more than 10 organ-at-risk of the chest have been completed and applied in the clinic.

    Affiliated Hospital of Jianghan University

    On July 1, 2021, the tomo radiotherapy center of the Affiliated Hospital of Jianghan University (Wuhan sixth hospital) was officially opened. Based on LinkingMed Aicontour Workstationdoctor, the department will provide intelligent radiotherapy services for tumor patients.

    Application Performances

    LinkingMed helped collaboration hospitals realize paperless work in the entire process of radiotherapy and save costs. Cross-device platform and automation of radiotherapy process greatly improved the efficiency of doctors.

    • 60%

      Efficiency Improvement

    • 72%

      Paper Document Reduction Rate

    • 80%

      Supply Consumption and Loss Rate

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    • Cooperating with LinkingMed, the hospitals greatly imporved their work efficiency.
    • The traditional workflow of the hospital is time-consuming and labor-intensive.


    In October 2018, LinkingMed signed a contract with Alibaba Health, and both parties officially became strategic partners. Equipped with Alibaba AI platform, LinkingMed intelligent radiotherapy cloud will be deployed in more hospital oncology departments.

    In January 2018, LinkingMed and Ping An Technology jointly launched the VAS platform to dock insurance resources.

    In 2017, LinkingMed was selected as the “Best Alumni Enterprise of 2017” by Microsoft Accelerator, AI based overall solution of radiotherapy stepped on the stage of cancer treatment.

    In May 2019, LinkingMed signed a contract with China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute to promote the application of 5G in the field of radiotherapy.

    In August 2018, LinkingMed was successfully selected into the Philips “Startup Acceleration Camp”. During the 12-week acceleration period, LinkingMed was guided by Philips experts in a one-to-one manner and was deeply communicated with the Philips‘ radiotherapy department.

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